The mission of the Alpine Institute for Drug Discovery (AIDD) is to serve academic researchers and technology transfer offices, especially in the Alpine region, by commercializing academic discoveries with therapeutic potential. Working in collaboration with academic partners, AIDD co-creates new intellectual property by discovering potential therapeutic drugs using its cutting-edge discovery platform.

AIDD founders are committed to making AIDD an enterprise that creates shared value for the community and that works in the interest of patients and society as a whole. The corporate values are collaboration, creativity, integrity, non-conformism, respect, rigor, excellence, and transparency.

The long-term vision is to create an institute that will outlive the founders as an independent global leader in innovation for drug discovery. Therefore, AIDD will not seek an “exit”, like an IPO or a trade-sale. Instead, AIDD's ambition is to create special purpose vehicles (SPVs) around each project and to become a stable and trusted provider of high-quality lead compounds for pharmaceutical partners. To do this, AIDD is cultivating mutually rewarding relationships with major academic institutions.