AIDD has selected three projects targeting molecular pathways in immunity that lead to the regulation of anti-tumor immune responses, the regulation of the inflammatory response and novel pathways in the regulation of neoplasms: 1) an oral anti-inflammatory with therapeutic potential for inflammatory bowel disease, psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis; 2) a broadly applicable oral anti-inflammatory therapeutic; 3) an oral anti-tumor immunotherapy with potential to treat a broad range of cancers.

We have chosen these targets not only because of industrial and therapeutic potential but also because our team members and academic partners have between them many decades of experience on these targets. For example, Laurent Galibert cloned the TNFR superfamily member RANKL while at Immunex, contributing to the birth of Prolia denosumab, a blockbuster drug currently marketed by Amgen. Detailed information on the targets is available under CDA.