AIDD’s team has a track record in translating novel biology into small molecule or antibody pre-medicines, and in managing and licensing related intellectual property. Our group’s experience encompasses discovery & development of various forms of therapeutics including biologicals (recombinant proteins and antibodies) and small molecule compounds (conventional agonists and antagonists as well as allosteric modulators) - on multiple classes of targets such as receptors (GPCRs, cytokine receptors, receptor tyrosine kinases, integrins) and cytoplasmic enzymes.

The AIDD team has expertise in allosteric modulator discovery and development. AIDD team members have made key contributions to projects in various therapeutic areas (oncology, immunotherapy, inflammation, metabolism, neuro-degeneration, psychiatry) and at different stages of early development - from discovery (i.e. target identification/validation, hit finding, lead generation) to early drug development stages including in vivo proof of concept, and the successful delivery of clinical drug candidates.

Team members

Ben Perry, PhD
Ben has broad medicinal chemistry experience covering multiple therapeutic areas (e.g. inflammation, pain, neurodegeneration & psychiatry) and gene families (e.g. kinases, integrins & GPCRs). As Associate Research Director at Addex Therapeutics (2008-2013), Ben led multiple drug discovery projects at various stages of development from hit identification to IND filing. He also co-led the identification and assessment of new technologies. At UCB Pharma, from 2005-2008, Ben was Principal Scientist, responsible for project management in medicinal chemistry, chemoinformatic initiatives and technology evaluation. At Celltech, as Senior Scientist, he was responsible for chemical library analysis and improvement. Ben is sole author on a patent for VLA-4 inhibitor (sold by UCB to Biogen) and co-authored 12 peer-reviewed publications and 18 patents. He holds a PhD in organic chemistry from Imperial College London.

At AIDD, Ben is responsible for technology and chemical library selection, medicinal chemistry and project and outsourcing management, sourcing and managing collaborations and competitive intelligence. Ben can be reached at ben(at)

Laurent Galibert, PhD
Laurent is an accomplished immunologist with more than 20 years of experience in industrial drug development. As a member of the executive management board at Addex Therapeutics (2008-2012), Laurent was recruited to lead and build an inflammation-focused drug discovery unit (staff of 28 scientists), adapting allosteric screening tools to non-GPCR targets, including the TNF superfamily and the receptor tyrosine kinase family. At Merck Serono, as Senior Staff Scientist from 2005-2008, Laurent was responsible for biomarker discovery. At Immunex as Principal Scientist, Laurent cloned RANKL (receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa B ligand) and co-authored the initial patent leading to Prolia/denusomab, a drug to prevent tumor induced osteolysis and osteoporosis marketed by Amgen that is estimated to reach peak sales of $2 billion in the coming years. Laurent received his PhD from Centre Universitaire des Sciences et Techniques in Clermont-Ferrand after working as a PhD fellow at Schering Plough (1991-1995). Laurent co-authored of 27 peer-reviewed publications and 9 patents.

At AIDD, Laurent is responsible for scientific strategy, target and technology selection, sourcing and managing collaborations, competitive intelligence and project management. Laurent can be reached at laurent(at)

Thibaut De Smedt, PhD
Thibaut has two decades of experience as an immunologist and has more than 15 years of experience in industrial drug discovery. As former Research Director at Addex Therapeutics (2008-2013), Thibaut led the development of novel screening assays for high throughput screening and early development of allosteric modulators of GPCR and non-GPCR targets for inflammatory, neurological and metabolic diseases. He also co-led the identification and assessment of new technologies. At Apoxis (acquired by TopoTarget), from 2004-2008, Thibaut co-authored the first publication describing successful treatment of gout patients using IL-1 antagonists. As Senior Group Leader, he led the immunology R&D efforts, oversaw technology transfer from Prof. Jurg Tschopp’s lab (UNIL), discovery & early-stage drug development, and out-licensing of the inflammasome franchise. At Immunex, from 1999-2004, Thibaut was a Research Scientist in the inflammation department developing immunotherapies for cancer, and small molecule and protein therapeutics for inflammation. He initiated or contributed to a number of programs that are now in clinical development at Amgen (which acquired Immunex). Thibaut studied immunology at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, where he obtained his PhD in 1998. He has co-authored 30 peer-reviewed publications and 10 patents.

At AIDD, Thibaut is responsible for target and technology selection, assay design, lead generation, sourcing and managing collaborations, competitive intelligence and project management. Thibaut can be reached at thibaut(at)